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Joe Budden - Never Scared Freestyle - semalt

http://joebuddentv.com/forums/http://twitter.com/JoeBuddenAbsolutely no copyright infringement is intended. All images, audio, and video clips are the sole property of their respective owners. I do NOT own this and I do NOT want to make a profit from this. Youtube please do NOT delete this video. All the credit goes to the respective artists. -


Joe Budden - Pray For Me - semalt

LYRICS:Niggas pray for me,Niggas use to pray for me, (Uh, me)Need ya'll to pray for me,Need niggas just to pray for me, (me, uh)Need ya'll to pray for me,Need niggas just to pray for me, (uh)Need ya'll to pray for me,Need nigags just to pray for me, (uh)I want somebody to pray for me, (uh)Somebody pray for me, (uh)Please ya'll pray for me,Please niggas just pray for me,Look,I woke up without a heartbeat,But I remember we was just in the car deep,Was at a light, and got approached by a car theif,He pulled out, but didnt ask for no car keys,A loud noise without a voice, and I'm tryin' to scream out shits not fair,I can't tell you where I'm at, or how I got here,Surrounded by all white, maybe it's just cloudy,Escorted by two men who knew everything about me,Both of them so strong, kept sayin' hold on,Feel like my souls gone, naked no clothes on,I know this can't be my fate, I scream wait,As they drop me infront of a gate, they left no trace,I can see my every breath like a cold day, stood before a man with no face,He said to me,"Please don't make this any harder"Who the fuck is you?"My child, I'm your father"I only got one dad,"Is that a fact to you? He left you when you was young,I brought him back to you, you're real close to heaven,Few get to step in, now tell me what you've done to deserve to be let in"Look I'm far from a christian, not big on religion,But ain't done too much wrong, my entire time of living,Never killed, never tried to, though I've been lied to,Was once suicidal, never read the bible,I've always been a caretaker, tried to nurse people,At times it backfired, hurt people, hurt people,Plus I never use your name in vain,But you should know everything I'm being asked to explain,"I know you stole from your mothers purse"You can't count that, that was way back when,"It's still a sin"But I was ten,"You robbed people, stolen"Yea, and you made me see jail,"But I also seen you lay your hands on a female,Sold drugs to parents, none of that was needed,abandoned your child, on every girl you cheated,Done wrong to people that only want the best for you,Anytime you thought you were alone, I was right next to you"When it comes to baby moms, God you gave me the worst one,"But that was your second child, you shouldn't of killed the first one"I ain't have a job, ain't have a pot to piss in,"Look I gave you a gift, and you made the wrong decision,Held on to resentments, even in doing business,I lead by example, I teach forgiveness,Your entry, can not be guaranteed,Not when you live with Anger, Envy, Greed,Pride, Sloth, Lust, even Gluttony,Everything you shouldn't, if you would of joined my company"Look I'm only human I ain't perfect,"That I understand, when I take you out a jam,You don't even think to worship, and when you do,You never talk about what you can do for me,You talk about what I can do for you,I blessed you with health, family, and wealth,With all the blessings you've received, you still always want help"Yea there's been times in my life, I need help to make money,But why everything I love, you manage take from me,Yet, you still there and to question a nigga that tries hardAnd finds a way, when you keep dealing him fucked up cards,You make mistakes like me, far as I can see,I think its a mockery, whenever rich niggas win the lottery,Gave us Bush twice, God I hate to be rude,But you let skinny niggas starve, give obese niggas food,The nerve when you telling me, I don't deserve to stay here,When you gave us drugs, and guns, you put AIDs here,Take a look at you, yo actions are the cold-hearted, The hard shit is you bring babies in the world retarded,I know most my actions put me in a cell,But how you made at me, when you put me into hell, "See my child, you need gratitude, maybe just a sample,I never give a person, anything they can't handle,Don't tell me about everything you've had to go through,There's reasons for my actions, even if I never showed you,Keep trying with you, all you did was hurt me,Still gave you chances to prove that you were worthy,And so I sat with you on a train, I asked you for change,You kept callin' me names, probably didn't notice, I was the store clerk,You put the gun to me, get money for more work,My child, I know you have it in you to indeed stop,This is not your final callin', just brief stop,Hope you heed my words and understand,So when I see you back, you should be a better man,Look at life different, the next time we see each other,There'll be no need to talk, whenever we meet each other" -

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Joe Budden : Quality Of Life - semalt

Joe Budden lets go of a new joint called "Quality Of Life" produced by The Klasix. His latest project "Feature Presentation" is coming soon.Source: http://ustyles.com/2011/11/16/joe-bud...Join us on:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ustyle...Twitter: http://twitter.com/ustyles/ -

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Joe Budden - 4 Walls (Instrumental) - semalt

http://www.zshare.net/audio/52958821b... -

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Fire - Joe Budden & Busta Rhymes - semalt

http://newtrax17.blogspot.com/----------------------------------------Fire----------------------------------------Lyrics:[Intro: Joe Budden]Let me just make this statementLoud and clear - Jersey's hereSome dude's got problems wit meOver there - I ain't careSome people see me creepThey mack all type - that's alrightYou know I slurp my drinkI'm clipped inside - kids aight (Just Blaze!)[Verse: Joe Budden]Yes y'all it's the one and only (what else?)And I came to have fun, here homie (what else?)And I came wit a ton of money (but!)Don't get it twisted the gun is on me (now)This chick's wit her man frontin on meI'll holla at her when she done wit homieCause, Jump Off I got a ton of grown freaksOne named Tasha, one named MoniqueOne's diva'd out, keep her make-up tightShe got her good heels on wit her Jacob iceAnd ma love to club, so she stay up niceAnd she give me brains just the way I like!One's real ghetto, don't give a reasonShe knows I'm not her man, she don't riff bout cheatingJoey only go to her crib on weekendsReal real late when the kids are sleeping'Tis the season, no more BS musicWatch and learn, see us do thisGeeks here's new shitPlayboy I keep exclusives to make dudes see less units (c'mon!)[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]Can't stop won't stopRock it to the rhythmCause we - ah get downCause we - ah get downCause we - ah get downJoe Budden, Busta BusCause we - ah get downAnd we seeing thatThere's some hoes in this houseThere's some hoes in this houseLight that 'dro in tha houseSmoke that 'dro in tha houseBring that doe in this houseBring that doe in this houseWhere dem hoes in this house?Where dem hoes in this house?Where my niggas at?[Verse: Busta Rhymes]Guess who's coming?It be the God of the flowsIt be the God of the spittingIt be the God of the blowsYou'll be black and blue up your shitAnd probably swell up your noseLotta bitches love when I spit so let me dazzle you hoesLet me prazzle your head, do and skidattle wit JoeAnd get a stack of that money and get a stack of the 'droBetter back it up money before they crack through the domeI got a pack of them niggas that leave a crack in yo skullHOLD UP!! ... see I ain't finished wit y'allBefore I diminish let me handle my business wit y'allWatching you niggas, you shook! all you looking all nervousMaybach infront the club, parked crooked on purposeNow ladies my Mercedes MaybachProbably hold six in the back and three if ya fatProbably hold more in the back if they sit on the lapI gotta go and move to the party to see where it's at[Chorus][Bridge: Joe Budden]Let me just make this statementLoud and clear - Jersey's hereSome dude's got problems wit meOver there - I ain't careSome people see me creepThey mack all type - that's alrightYou know I slurp my drinkI'm clipped inside - kids aight[Verse: Joe Budden]Yes yes y'all who ain't believe me?Don't be fooled it ain't this easyAll y'all so 'n so's shamed, that cheesyYou wonder why people don't go and spend they change on a weekly(But) Who's fly in rap? I in factBy myself, no one behind the attackAnd fuck Sound Scan, I ain't BUYING thatCause y'all sell em to the stores then buy 'em backNow one hot storm, we'll fly and rapIf the rest of you provide is wackI see creativity dying fastI'm glad producers charge so high for they tracks (tell em why though)Now they do it all, you just applying the rapHonestly now, it's not the economy's downNow rap dudes suck they own pee holeThe wacker the music the bigger the egoFans left suffering, gasping!And it's embarassing! Jump Off I'm the aspirinI'm still hungry, I'm still fastingY'all fade out, I'm just getting it cracking[Chorus][Outro]Whoo! [repeat to fade] ----------------------------------------Videos belong to their respectful owners. -

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Joe Budden - So Long Goodbye - semalt


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Joe Budden & Game Squash Beef - semalt

Game Calls Joe Budden out on stage to squash the Beef the two have had for years, at his show in NYC. -

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Joe Budden Fights Consequence [Extended] - semalt

Joe Budden Fights Consequence -

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Up Close & Personal - Joe Budden - semalt

In the 1st Episode of the Up Close & Personal series, created & directed by Executive Nick, Joe Budden sits down with Nick and gives him his views on rival MC's. -

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Tom Budden - Patball Elite [ALiVE040] - semalt

get it here: http://www.beatport.com/label/alive-r...*available 30th April 2012vinyl available from: www.juno.co.uk and www.decks.deALiVE040 - Tom Budden - Vesper (Timid Boy 'for Da Choup' Remix)genre: Tech HouseALiVE label boss Tom Budden steps up to the plate once more with a tight 4 tracker of deeply delicious beats. Main track 'Vesper' opens the ep with an energetic main room ride, an oscillating synth and infectious bass stabs ratcheting up the tension throughout. As a nice juxtaposition, 'Patball Elite' saunters along on a smooth b-line, snippets of female vocals injecting it with a real sense of groove - a much deeper feel but a nonetheless powerful tool. Two distinctly different remixes of 'Vepser' follow - NTFO (fresh off the back of their last ep that's currently riding high in the deep house charts) take things to a noticeably moodier place with classic sounding synth work giving their interpretation a real sense of drama whilst Timid Boy (Time Has Changed) focuses on the piano stabs of the original, making them a main feature to lend a more anthemic feel to the package.Early support from: Droog - Waifs & Strays - Mark Farina - Dubfire - Emerson Todd - Pirupa - Aki Bergen - Barem - Ekkohaus - loads more!www.aliverecordings.com -

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11. Tom Budden - Flying Feather - semalt

Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1eM9xySiTunes: http://bit.ly/1bjpITwFB: https://www.facebook.com/getphysicalpageFull Body Workout reaches its twelfth edition, and by now you should know what it's all about -- a map-check as to where the scene is now and where it's headed. This time around we've got tracks from Tom Budden, Marc Poppcke, Hallo Halo, Brett Johnson, Someone Else and yes, even a fresh cut from M.A.N.D.Y. All of this (13 tracks) is brilliantly mixed by Brett Johnson including 5 exclusive edits you will only find in the continuous mix. www.getphysicalmusic.com -

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Joe Budden: Cyn Is Real - semalt


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Joe Budden and Cyn Santana host baby shower for Baby Budden - semalt

These two look amazing for their baby shower spillinthetea.com -

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Joe Budden - Time Flies - semalt

Time Flies featuring Emanny off that Mood Muzik 4.5Check the channel for other tracks off that EP/mixtape -

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Joe Budden says; "P()$$y Is A Distraction" (Joe Budden Podcast) - MGTOW - semalt

What did we lose when we discovered women, what did we sacrifice or adjust for them?For as little as $1 you can help my channel to grow and deliver more high quality content. Thank you.https://www.paypal.me/ReplicantFishEnt-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Watch again/Sharehttps://youtu.be/gbq8Y14jfso-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------More VideosTop 5 Reasons Men Stop Chasing You. Relationship Expert (Video Response) - MGTOWhttps://youtu.be/IQh0jeWDpRM#joebudden #goodtopic #letstalkaboutit-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Outro: Blade Runner 2049 - https://amzn.to/2PjJyJLOriginal background & Outro music by Replicant Fish.LISTEN HERE https://youtu.be/tXPWSHJy2kcMicrophone: Blue YETI - https://amzn.to/2N0rGSR Patreon* patreon.com/replicatfish -

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NORE aka PAPI Calls Out Joe Budden, Challenges Joe Budden To A.... - semalt

N.O.R.E.'s "Student Of The Game" album in stores and online now!http://57thave.comFollow N.O.R.E. on:Twitter: NoreagaInstagram: mrsuperslimePheed: NOREFacebook: NORE57 -

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Joe Budden - Do Tell (Instrumental) - semalt

Cheah... -

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Joe Budden-Get No younger - semalt

Mood Muzik 3 -

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Unforgiven - Joe Budden Ft. Metalica - semalt

Highly anticipated song from "The Growth". Is it a lead single, or just another classic track from the A-Rod of Def Jam -

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Jay Z Vs Joe Budden - semalt


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Joe Budden - Good Enough (Instrumental) - semalt

Escape Route -

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Joe Budden - Pray for Me - semalt

Joe Budden - (13) Pray for Me - Padded RoomNo copyright infringement intendedPlease SUBSCRIBE, RATE, and COMMENT! -

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Joe Budden Needs To Stop - semalt

Lil Yachty & Joe Budden discussion had me like...Straight up. Y'all gotta stop with this ignorance. Times change, things evolve. Joe Budden is the last guy I want to hear speak about the YOUTH, and the GENERATION who likes what they like. Joe Budden comes from the era where we had Def Jam Vendetta ?! A video game where you would FIGHT as your favorite rapper who was a HIT MAKER! That era is GONE. That type of music is GONE. Joe Budden should not be the BAR and the GATE KEEPER for acceptance into "HIP-HOP". It's people like him who want to alienate the youth and what they are creating. I bet if Yachty and Uzi weren't considered rappers, but were considered pop stars there would be no argument. Example, Pitbull raps, but only pop songs. Pitbull was a battle rapper in his youth. Same as Joe Budden. Do you see Joe checking Pitbull for not sticking to Battle Rapping for the CULTURE of hip-hop ? NO! Fuck outta here. Anybody who trying to make their mark, don't disrespect the past, but at the same time, don't ask for their permission or their blessing when it comes to your success. KEEP KILLING THAT SHIT! Instagram: @KhleoThomasSnapchat: Slick_LivingTwitter: @KhleoThomashttps://SlickLivingTV.com -

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Joe Budden vs Wack 100 - semalt

Subscribe http://goo.gl/X9p1UOCheck out more of AUC here:INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/rk9NhLFACEBOOK: http://goo.gl/1CPTRmTWITTER: https://goo.gl/WJmPTfhttp://www.allurbancentral.com#AllUrbanCentral -

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Joe Budden - I Keep That - semalt

Artist: Joe BuddenTitle: I Keep ThatAlbum: DJ Clue - Fidel Cashflow Pt. 2 -

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Joe Budden Reacts To Tranny - semalt

Joe Budden Reacts To Tranny -

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Joe Budden - State Of You - semalt

Joe Budden - State Of You (6th track off the Escape Route) -

Seo Resten


Joe Budden interview from 2003. -

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Joe Budden - Never Again (Instrumental) - semalt

Escape Route -

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Joe Budden - All oF Me - semalt

Joe Budden - All oF MeoFF of His Mixtape : Mood MuziK 3I do not own the copyrights to this music i am only freely promoting it -

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Joe Budden - Forgive Me - semalt

http://www.dept41.blogspot.com -

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Joe Budden - R.I.P. (High Quality) - semalt

Off The Great Escape (?) Produced by J.Cardim -

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Joe Budden - The Hard Part - semalt

Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part Joe Budden - The Hard Part -

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Joe Budden - Pray For Me - semalt

Padded Room. -

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Joe Budden Diss Track Tutorial - semalt

http://goo.gl/PiDy7J Click Here for Music Production Videoshttp://goo.gl/5HCGvV Click Here for Productshttp://goo.gl/DcgWmG Click Here to Get FL Studio for a Special Discount Offer -

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Joe Budden - Dumb Out (Instrumental) - semalt

shit kinda sounds different than tha actual song but wutever -

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GeeQue Interview w/ Joe Budden - semalt

2003 flashback interviewcop geeque's album"que year's day"www.myspace.com/geequenycwww.geeque.comfreak it wit da fellazhosted & produced by geequeevery friday night @ 11 pm estin manhattan, on channel 67outside, @ www.mnn.org -

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Joe Budden - 40 40 (Instrumental) - semalt

Joe Budden - 40 40 (Instrumental)DL: http://www.mediafire.com/?vm2mmm2nnz0 -

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Joe Budden - Rap City Freestyle - semalt

http://twitter.com/JOEBUDDEN http://joebuddentv.com/forums/Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended. All images, audio, and video clips are the sole property of their respective owners. I do NOT own this and I do NOT want to make a profit from this. Youtube please do NOT delete this video. All the credit goes to the respective artists. -

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Joe Budden - New Jerz Shit - semalt

http://twitter.com/JOEBUDDEN http://joebuddentv.com/forums/ -

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Joe Budden - Ayo feat. Emanny - semalt

A leak from the album The Great Escape by one of my favorite artists Joe Budden. Introspective lyrics told with great emotion as usual. Follow Joe Budden on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JoeBuddenFollow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/Embassy730 & Like me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/SomeLoserName... -

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Joe Budden - OLS 4 LIVE - semalt

Joe Budden - Ordinary Love Shit 4 Live @ The Middle East (Cambridge, MA) -

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RIGHTS (Joe Budden type beat) - semalt

Produced by JoNate -

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Joe Budden Vs Peter Rosenberg - semalt

Donate - https://www.paypal.me/PSAPodcast EditsByMenace - custommademenace@gmail.com Menace - Bet On Who Survivehttps://youtu.be/Ehp7hu6Qqbc -

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Joe Budden - Freight Train (Instrumental) - semalt

Escape Route -

Seo Barleben

Joe Budden - Game Over (Extended) - semalt

rare extended version of the game diss -

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Pray For Me- Joe Budden - semalt

Look I'm far from a christian Not big on religionBut aint done too much wrong my entire time livingNever killed never tried too tho I been lied toWas once suicidal never read the bibleI always been a care taker tried to nurse peopleAt times it back fired hurt people hurt peoplePlus I never use your name in vainBut you should know everything I'm being asked to explain -

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Thisis50 Interview With Joe Budden - semalt

Thisis50 & Jack Thriller recently interviewed Joe Budden.He speaks on his album "Mood Muzik 4", his performance at BB King recently, being an independent artist, Slaughterhouse and Eminem, the Tahiry and Somaya Reece situation, his collaboration with Fabolous and Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent filling up his truck with millions of dollars & much more!http://www.thisis50.com -

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Tom Budden - Fugazee (Tapesh Remix) - semalt

Subscribe. -

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Joe budden - unnecessary pain (Live) - semalt

All love lost tour highline ballroom NYC -

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Joe Budden - Get The Picture - semalt

What can I say but JOEY!!!Download link - http://usershare.net/qsx4oko0ug0k -

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Thoughts on Budden vs Drake - semalt

Please watch: "Rappers AGAINST Gun Control?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wjRc... --~--Snap Chat : DdotrespectD shares his 2 cents on Budden vs Drake -

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Joe Budden- Pump It Up - semalt


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Joe Budden - In My Sleep - semalt

Joe Budden - (6) In My Sleep - Padded RoomNo copyright infringement intendedPlease SUBSCRIBE, RATE, and COMMENT! -

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Joe Budden-All of Me - semalt

Mood Muzik 3 -

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Joe Budden: Roll Wit Me - semalt


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Joe Budden Forgive Me - מתורגם - semalt


Seo Trehinais

Joe Budden - How High Freestyle - semalt

http://twitter.com/JOEBUDDEN http://joebuddentv.com/forums/ -

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Pete Harris & Hugh Budden Duo - semalt

Pete Harris & Hugh Budden Duo live at the Legion Swanage Blues & Roots festival -

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Follow My Lead - Joe Budden - semalt


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Joe Budden Whatever It Takes - semalt

One of my favorite songs EVER! well listen and subscribe. -

Seo Rouans

Joe budden Last Dayz freestyle - semalt

Joe budden Last Dayz freestyle -

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joe budden through and through.wmv - semalt


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Joe Budden - In The Air - semalt

R.I.P. Kev... we'll miss you.[Intro: Joe Budden]Chea, GC, Rest In PeaceMojo, Rest In PeaceChamp gon' Rest In PeaceReggie Reg gone Rest In PeaceSlick Senior, you gon Rest In PeaceKeith gon' Rest In PeaceI need all y'all to Rest In PeaceAll my niggaz gon' Rest In Peace(Repeat x2)[Verse: Joe Budden]I know my dead homies watching upon usBut uh, I aint gotta know a nigga to mournSee a real nigga crying is tortureGet the candles and the drinksWe gon' have our own wake on the cornerYou could just visionAll of the memoriesHennesy guzzling and you buggin'Because you was just with himGod called for his son it was timeYou got a beef with the LordWish you'd a saw him just one last timeSome think that nothin' about it is goodHe got what every nigga dreams of, he's out of the hoodSo why we all sit in the hood cryin' liquorHe's in heaven laughing like "look at my niggaz"They all sobbing, them tears aint stoppingGod throw em a sign and let 'em know I'm watchingTime passes and things get poppinLike he woulda wanted, if he was here that woulda been his optionIt's back to old times as if he just popped inIf you had to take somebody Jesus not himAll my real niggaz put a lighter in the airThere's a fighter in the airThat cloud right thereAnd I know my time is coming like everybody elses(But) But by then I hope that everybody felt thisAlways that one hateful nigga make it seem like everybody's jealousSomebody here don't like me breathin'I know somebody here's tryna spite me steamin'Spite how I ride these Sprees and dap meGo in to projects, at the end of the night I'm leavin'One of my old mans who's now burnt outMight off me, never know how things turn outCuz even your close friends is still ya,Come to think of it, I could be real cool with my po-tential killerThat's called taking the bitter with the sweetThe skip with the verseThe gift with the curseSomebody wants to see the kid in a hearseBut I'll die for this rap shit, clips will disperseKill for this rap shit, it gets reversedMurder you lethal (So)So don't watch if the convertible bleeds youTake your pick with the clipsHow you want it, reversible or see-through?I be another locked dog in the fortAnother wake on the corner it will be all my faultAnother body inside the CaddyThat'll make my Moms right cuz I'll be in jail just like DaddyDaddy come home, something ain't rightI think the Lord bout to call pawn Uncle MikeMike got high and he wasn't too strongDoc said he got cancer and it wouldn't be longSaid in another six months he'll be gonePops still play that one gospel song every morn'Stopped gettin' high so it's no more pipeAnd they found medicine that would extend his lifeYears past and, Mike's still here he's not hurtGospel song every morn' it's funny how God worksWait! He's got the disease, he's different againHe's starting to get sick and shit's missing againNow that monthly check he's spending againGoddamn Uncle Mike is sniffing againDad, Mike sprungAnd God put the cancer in his lungs likeFuck that cure you had a choiceDisease is so cunning when you trippin' highYou can't throw away the gift of lifeNigga you take it or leave itNigga play it to keep itNigga sacred treat itCuz if the Lord come take it you heatedNo funeral homes, not for youAnd I don't really wanna visit in the hospitalDon't wanna see you like that cuz I'mma be too scaredI'd rather meet my own demise and meet you thereGod I can't make pretendAt least take me first so I ain't gotta see you take my friendsSome things I can't even figure, like why you had to take him for?Come on God answer me nigga!Another tattoo, another name sprayed on the back window of the car for a monthAnother family shattered, in tearsAnother night on my knees with a new name added to my prayersFor all the things we still feelin'Cuz on a nice day when the sky's clear I almost see y'all staringExtend your arm, take this poundTo all my lost soldiers in the booth with me while I lay this downC'mon -

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Disclaimer: We do not own the copy right to this contentDroppeOTS -

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Joe Budden Chase Memes Compilation - semalt

Joe Budden Chase Memes Compilation-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "Hood Funny Skits And Clips 2017 July #81" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqrTW...-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -

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Tom Budden - Kansai (OUT NOW!!) - semalt

Get it here: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/c...For the next installment on ALiVE Recordings, label boss Tom Budden steps up to deliver the goods.This is the first of Tom's '3-D' Series. Three singles, each with 2 remixes from ALiVE favourites and regulars, making three sets of three, all released three weeks apart, taking us up to the landmark 20th release. 3 definitely is the magic number!Kansai is Mr Budden's first single since last years smash 'The Tree Dance' which put the label on the map and won fans across the board. Influenced from a recent trip to Japan, 'Kansai' is deep yet driving, in typical Budden style. The funked up live bassline rolls things along underneath Tom's trademark shimmering stabs and a choppy vocal. Clattering snares and Japanese drum hits build the intensity before the well placed drops do the damage.First up on 3-D remix duties are ALiVE favourites, Jet Project from Belfast. Fresh from recent releases on Get Physical, Renaissance, Darkroom Dubs and ViVa, they give Kansai their own quirky, chunky treatment. Twisting the vocal, throwing in some horns and some serious bottom end thump the boys turn this into bumping tech monster.The second remix comes from label regular Teva. This is his second outing on ALiVE under his Teva alias. His last single "You Can't Teach This" for us amassed a staggering amount of positive feedback. If you liked the housey vibe on that one, you are going to love this!Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of the 3-D series. Tom's track "Grabbing At Straws" gets the treatment from 'Safari Electronique' boss 'Arnaud Le Texier' and 'Recyle Records' head honcho 'Santorini' from Italy.Support from:Sasha: Solid & sturdy release. Full Support.Lauhaus: Tom Budden kicks bud! Full support.Gergor Tresher: Great package - will play the Original and Jet Project mix.Dj Madskillz: Love all versionsGel Abril: Original for me. thanks.Nick Warren: Jet Project Mix is coolPaolo Mojo: I'll go with Tom's original here, but all sounding good!Phonogenic: Very solid package. No duds.Reset Robot: All mixes are brilliant! cheersMilton Jackson: More great dancefloor biz from Mr Budden.Tom Findlay (Groove Armada): I like the rolling Teva Remix...and loads moreIf you haven't checked our last release 'ALiVE017 - Teva - You Can't Teach This - inc. Yousef Remix' have a listen here: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/c...Beatport users: If you like what you hear, please add us to your favourite labels!! https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/c... -

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S.K.A.M. - Hereafter (Tom Budden Remix) - semalt

Picture:http://takethismyfriend.tumblr.com/po...It's a full version of the track -

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Joe Budden & his new girl - semalt


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Dizaster calls Joe Budden trash - semalt

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/DannVixm -

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Joe Budden - Hovi Baby Freestyle - semalt

http://twitter.com/JOEBUDDEN http://joebuddentv.com/forums/ -

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Hazrath shah budden soharwardi (R.A) - semalt

Mazar e mubarak located at Naganahalli,Mysore. -

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Joe Budden - Only Human REACTION - semalt

THANKS FOR WATCHING! Be sure to comment below if you liked the video and want to see more. Also subscribe and turn on notifications.Tri-Weekly Reactions, Vlogs, Pranks, Challenges, Story Time and much more; Coming every other day. Subscribe now and keep up with what we have going on.Lets Connect:https://www.Instagram.com/BestFriends...https://www.FaceBook.com/BestFriendsS...Want more (Lyric Kane):YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChiC...IG: https://www.Instagram.com/LyricKaneOf...Twitter: https://www.Twitter.com/Lyric_KaneFB: https://www.Facebook.com/LyricKane89SoundCloud: https://www.SoundCloud.com/Lyric-KaneOriginal Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6WXq... -

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Astroworld | The Joe Budden Podcast - semalt

The guys share their thoughts on Travis Scott's new album "Astroworld".Subscribe for more exclusive Joe Budden footage:http://bit.ly/BuddenYTSubWatch Joe Budden's Exclusive Series and Footage:The Joe Budden Podcast - http://bit.ly/BuddenPodcastPull Up - http://bit.ly/JoeBuddenPullUpOh, What A Night - http://bit.ly/JoeBuddenOWANOfficial Music Videos - http://bit.ly/BuddenVidsRage & The Machine - http://bit.ly/RageMachineYTThe Rage Tour - http://bit.ly/RageTourhttp://www.joebudden.comhttps://twitter.com/JoeBuddenhttps://www.instagram.com/joebudden/ -

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Joe Budden- Under the sun - semalt

New track off Joe Budden's "Halfway House" -

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joe budden disses g-unit - semalt

game over g-unit diss -

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Joe Budden - Things You Do - semalt

http://www.Myspace.com/Pimpin_TVNew Joe Budden TrackI Got The Freshest Mixtapez and TrackzSubscribe To PimpinTVhttp://www.YouTube.com/PimpinTVSubscribe To Hustlenamichttp://www.YouTube.com/Hustlenamic Subscribe To iKGTV http://www.YouTube.com/iKGTV -

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Joe Budden feat. Trey Budden (Mashup) - Love For You/Thoughts After The Courtroom - semalt

A mashup of Joe Budden feat. Emanny - Love For You and Trey Budden - Thoughts After The CourtroomLove For You is from the album All Love Lost - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all...Thoughts After The Courtroom was released on SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/trey-budden/th...Follow Joe Budden on Twitter - https://twitter.com/JoeBuddenFollow Joe Budden on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/joebuddenFollow Trey Budden on Twitter - https://twitter.com/treybudden1Follow Trey Budden on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/treybuddenWatch the Joe Budden Podcast on YouTube - http://bit.ly/BuddenPodcast -

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Joe Budden- Castles [OFFICIAL MV] [HD] - semalt

By Any Means clothing featured in the video available on Karmaloop.com:http://www.karmaloop.com/Browse.htm#V...Follow Joe Budden: https://www.emuze.com/JoeBuddenFollow us on EMUZE: https://www.emuze.com/karmalooptvBy Any Means and KarmaloopTV presents Joe Budden- Castles.Directed by @LILINTERNET and Thuan TranEdited by @LILINTERNET and Andrew Mui vimeo.com/andrewmui -

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Joe Budden - Pump It Up - semalt

Music video by Joe Budden performing Pump It Up. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 2,971,126. (C) 2003 The Island Def Jam Music Group -

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02. Tom Budden & Forrest - Quattro - semalt

Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1M1rkDbiTunes: http://apple.co/1BpU6qMFB: https://www.facebook.com/getphysicalpageThey say birds of a feather stick together, and it looks like a few Get Physical birds have flown South for the last bit of winter. To be more specific, it's Get Physical’s turn to take on Miami once again. And, true to form, a compilation spanning 18 tracks from friends new and old means we've left no sun-bleached stone unturned. We're talking palm trees, tiny cocktail umbrellas and a hot, sticky helping of techy house, sexy vocals and shore-worthy buildups from the likes of label mainstays DJ Pierre, Ryan Murgatroyd, Tom Budden, Emanuel Satie and Hector Couto -who's strung the whole compilation together for your continuous listening pleasure. Also featured are fresh faces like Eagles & Butterflies, Mobius Strum and System of Survival, whose numerous contributions to the release make for some very welcome organic percussion and laid-back vibes of their own. Also featured is Tom Peters, who returns to Get Physical after appearing on our last Full Body Workout to team up with a certain Honey Dijon for the Miami bonanza. All with the Get Physical stamp of approval, of course.We got your sweaty dance floor material right here: Bienvenidos a Miami. -

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Joe Budden-State Of You - semalt

New joint off of Jumpoff's prelude album "Escape Route" In stores now. While you're there pick up Slaughterhouse's new album too, shit is crazy -

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Joe Budden - You and I - semalt

awesome track, by far my favorite track on the album[Joe Budden]Uh-huh, uhhI feel like I've dated e'ry woman in the world, most were beautifulSome were corporate, worked in a little cubicleI done some shit to some that I would never do to youCause some were tailor-made but still wasn't suitableCome to yours, I see why you'd be elusiveSome took advantage of you, some were intrusiveSome put they hands on you, some were abusiveMost cheated on you, must ain't think you were exclusiveAin't gotta say a word, I already know itAnd even if you scared to death it's ill that you never show itI go to sleep with fear of losin you, don't wanna blow itAnd I wouldn't be surprised if I did, that's typical Joe shitI lie forever, not only do she trust meHer body's a work of art, there's beauty in every uglySo for me as a friendThough our pasts are so horrible, together we won't ever have to see 'em againI love you[Chorus: Emanny]You and I, you and I seem crazyI would die, if you leave my life my babyNo one else gave a damn 'bout usWhere we go, I don't know the futureI just know, I don't wanna lose yaWe're just takin our chance on love, on love[Joe Budden]Uhh, I've been with e'ry woman in this world 'cept a virgin chickSome kept my soul alive just so they can murder itWe're both broken pieces, both been hurt and shitBoth took a chance on each other and it was worth the riskShe low-maintenance, but she deserves a gripGive her the best of me cause she endured the worst of itShe been through so much, still she carry onSo if she come with baggage it's a carry-onSo a life without, I couldn't conceiveI tried to dump her one time but she wouldn't leaveAnd I ain't want her to, so that was good to seeSoon as I uttered them words I damn near couldn't breatheBeen through the run-around, took her off the carouselI'm still in shock that her passion's unparalleledI know some ex's gotta be mad as hellBut we were so broken down we had to gelI love you[Chorus][Joe Budden]Uhh, okay, talk to 'emI've been with e'ry type of woman, some of the baddest onesSome were cougars, but still they acted youngSome were gossip queens, but I ain't mad at themYou make it bittersweet, today that shit matters noneSome I knew wouldn't last when the crash begunSome played it cool, but wasn't half as funSome ain't over me, they just blame awaySome I ruined myself, others came that waySome were model-esque, less started gainin weightOthers waited to gain, but met the same fateSome moved to the city for a change of paceSome I never broke up with, just let it fade awaySome never witnessed love, don't know what we see in itWas a stranger for you so it's ill how you believe in itCause you done dated a fewIf I'ma take a chance on love I thank God he let me take it with youI love you[Chorus] -

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Joe Budden - All Love Lost - semalt

Joe Budden - All Love Lost -

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Old School Mouse - Joe Budden - semalt

"I don't response to a sublime, it ain't hurt that much yea I scream out Jers that much cause these other dudes fightin for New York like it's worth that much and these sitcom niggaz caress and hold bitches to them they 'golden girls', to me, they old bitches" COLD -

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Joe Budden - Halfway House - Sidetracked - semalt

http://thisizgame.ning.comJoe Budden - Halfway House - SidetrackedJoe Budden - Halfway House - SidetrackedJoe Budden - Halfway House - SidetrackedJoe Budden - Halfway House - SidetrackedJoe Budden - Halfway House - SidetrackedJoe Budden - Halfway House - Sidetracked -

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Joe Budden-Walk With Me - semalt

kool -

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Lukáš Mandinec vs Paul Budden - semalt


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Pt 6 - Joe Budden fteestyle - semalt

Check out http://VladTV.com Joe Buddenpart 6/6Joe Budden kicks a neve heard before verse! -

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Joe Budden | Soulja Boy Challenge - semalt

Just paying homage to 1 of the Goats (Deadass) .... #SouljaBoyChallengeSubscribe for more exclusive Joe Budden footage:http://bit.ly/BuddenYTSubWatch Joe Budden's Exclusive Series and Footage:Official Music Videos - http://bit.ly/BuddenVidsI'll Name This Podcast Later - http://bit.ly/BuddenPodcastRage & The Machine - http://bit.ly/RageMachineYTThe Rage Tour - http://bit.ly/RageTourhttp://www.joebudden.comhttps://twitter.com/JoeBuddenhttps://www.instagram.com/joebudden/ -

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Joe Budden - The Hard Part - semalt

The Hard Part off Mood Muzik 4.5 -

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Joe Budden Pump it Up - semalt

Pump it up -

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Joe Budden - Oochie Wally Freestyle - semalt

http://twitter.com/JOEBUDDEN http://joebuddentv.com/forums/ -

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Joe Budden - Whatever It Takes - semalt

Joe Budden - Whatever It TakesJoe Budden - Mood Muzik -

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Joe Budden - Playing Our Part - semalt

Joe Budden - Playing Our Part -

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Joe Budden - Whatever It takes - semalt

1 of my favorite songs of all time...I see nobody has it posted so I guess I had to do it myselfhttp://www.mediafire.com/?zeoaj0m1y1y -

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Joe Budden - Pump It Up - semalt


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Joe Budden: Soon We Rage? - semalt


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Joe Budden ft. Coke - Stuntin - semalt

Older RnB songZ 4 you! -

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